Euram Chemicals Ltd has been actively trading since the early 1990s as a manufacturer and distributor of speciality chemicals and preparations for the following industries, both in the UK and internationally:

* Sealants   * Adhesives   * Glass Fibre    * Paper    * Plastics    * Rubbers    *  Paint

Many of the products fulfil an increasing need for being environmentally-friendly.

Euram Chemicals Ltd has been supplying quality dispersions to the worldwide Sealants Market. These products are often custom produced and done under conditions of confidentiality.

Distribution of  Speciality chemicals and raw materials for the Adhesives, Paints, Rubber & Plastics, Ink and Sealants markets are supplied through our warehouses.  Some of our products we supply on a global basis.

We can offer quantities and packing from  bags, drums, IBCs or large bulk supplies.

REACH Compliance:  We have taken steps to pre-register all required products that we offer, if they have not been pre-registered by our suppliers where relevant.

For further details on specific substances, please contact us:

Euram Chemicals Ltd PO Box 346 Marlow SL7 1NW, UK

ISO certification