Fumed Silica is used in Paints and Coatings as an anti-settling agent

EURASIL® Fumed Silica, a synthetic amorphous pyrogenic(fumed) silica, is applied as a thickening and thixotropic agent in many organic systems, e.g. in Unsaturated Polyesters, Coatings, Paint, Printing inks, Adhesive, Sealant and others. It is used as a reinforcing filler in elastomers, mainly RTV silicone and HTV silicone. It acts as a free flow additive in the production of technical powders.

  1. Adhesive and Sealants

Fumed silica is effective and integral component in adhesive and sealant systems. With addition in glues, it prevents sedimentation, enhances viscosity, provides less setting time, reduces stretching of fibres (filaments) in glues and increases adhesive power dramatically. Apart from thickening effect, fumed silica secures the desired mechanical strength of a sealant when the latter is cured.

Silicone sealants feature the following particular traits:

  • Good weatherability and resistance in aggressive environment
  • Enhanced adhesion to most of construction materials without priming
  • Excellent movement accommodation (no less than 20%)
  • Improved thermal and cold resistance – maintains performability (remains resilient and elastic) within temperatures -50° to +200°C
  • Easy handling in wide temperature ranges (surface applications -30° to +60°C)
  • Paint, Coating, Pigment, Ink

Here, fumed silica functions as a stabiliser and anti-settling agent of pigments and as an anti-sedimentation additive. It improves thixotropic and rheological properties of coatings and paint systems, retains original transparency of lacquers. Furthermore, addition of the silica enhances hardening of coating film, adhesion to surfaces, as well as reduces deterioration rate of the coatings and fading of materials with transparent top coating. Besides, it helps to prevent run-off and sag of paints applied on vertical surfaces, thus ensuring top quality levelling. The silica is used as a matting agent of lacquer systems, whereas the desired effect may be adjusted within wide ranges.

In liquids: rheology control; anti-settling

In powders: free-flow; anti-caking; fluidization

  • Plastics and Resin

Glass-fibre plastics are used exceptionally for the fabrication of plastic frames in shipbuilding, for which raw materials like unsaturated polyesters (UPRs) and reinforcing glass fillers are required:

  • in low-viscosity polyester resins with good wet-in features, fumed silica promotes levelling and prevents cracking and sagging during the manufacturing of polyester-based glass fibre plastics.
  • fumed silica delivers thixotropic properties to polyester and epoxy resins. Also, it can be used as anti-blocking agent in polymer films. In the production of PVC resins, the silica enables to adjust their operating viscosity.
  • Silicone Rubber

Fumed silica is active reinforcing filler used in the production of silicon rubbers. Primarily, the silica makes it easier to prepare rubber mixtures by reducing sticking to the rollers. It is the most significant additive designed to acquire lightweight durable and high quality colour rubbers used in the manufacturing of soles, rubber cloths, sanitation and hygiene items, etc.

  • fumed silica is easy to be mixed and disperses freely in rubbers.

It can be utilised in the following technological processes and products:

  • in rubber-fabric articles to assure enhanced durability (hosepipes, belts, conveyors);
  • in the fabrication of neoprene- and SKN-based items which are oil- and gas-proof.
  • items subject to repeatedly bending (conveyor belt, rubber hoses);
  • Thermal insulation material

Fumed Silica is used in Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) and has been in the spotlight for years as an essential component of energy-efficient refrigerators.

EURASIL® Fumed Silica powder (SiO2 agglomerates) has become the main core component in VIP for building application. EURASIL® Fumed Silica is widely used in all kinds of Adhesive and Sealants industries, e.g. Silicone Sealants, PVC-Plastisol Sealant, Polyacrylate Sealant, Epoxy Adhesive, Polyurethane Adhesive, Unsaturated Polyester, Polyurethane water-based Adhesive, etc.

EURASIL® Fumed Silica is mainly used as additives for anti-sag, rheology control and anti-settling in structural adhesives, solvent- and water- based adhesives, and used as rheology control and reinforcing additive in sealants. EURASIL® Fumed Silica also improves the storage stability and processability of adhesives and sealants.